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BACHELOR PARTY  Right before to do the big step, tradition wants the husband to undergo the last temptation that would make him sure about his marriage. This is the bachelor’s party: this use has been introduced by the British aristocracy, to satisfy the young single man lust and desires, before to lead a noble heiress to the altar. This party is usually organized by the bachelor’s friends about a week before the marriage. Maybe not the classic, out-dated strip-tease… but a special NOREBE-NOPARTY.COM night: wine, delicious courses, wild dances… We will set up with them special tricks and treats to make this memory Indelible!

HEN PARTY  It’s the No Rule-All Night Party that marks the “hard” handling over another way of life. It’s the chance to think back to all the bride-to-be’s life and to wish her a “vie en rose”!! Let’s say it’s a better way to celebrate the bride informally and without the official attendances. HOW TO PARTY? We propose AdHoc solutions, developed going by your budget and requirements. In example, out of our suggestions: a relaxing Hammam at 6PM, where women’s meet their own pith, speaking quietly with a tea, going by spas, Turkish bath, resting with a whirlpool and a distensive massage (1hour-from 35 to 42 €); at dinner time, by 9PM,  food&alcohol can turn everybody on the right mood to dance all night in the coolest Disco-Restaurant of the city, as suggested www.norebe-noparty.com (from 35 € on); the bride-to-be may also like a personal magic&cabaret show…while the most uninhibited one would enjoy the performance of cute strip men! …and what about an opulent entrance by LIMO?; less chic, but more shock would be the surprising Kamasutra-cake or a funny phallic chocolate sculpture on the table… BRIDE PACKAGE: SPAs+Dinner+Disco=70€. Wide set of location available and up-to dated on our website www.norebe-noparty.com
CAFÉ L’ATLANTIQUE  Do you feel Glam? Perfectionist? Transgressive? Whether you answered (even thought) YES to one of these questions, but never hit the floor of L’Atlantique, then you have to!! First of all is bare to browse the scene to meet the idea of this club: let’s start the tour from the Blue Room, a paradise of luxury, Byzantine furniture and fancy combinations where R&B music wafts; see the awesome fiberlight lamp of the Silver Room, where burns the mark of fashion and House music reigns; walk now on the high runway where VIPs (and not) fight to show off! At its end, lays the “super-prive” -as exclusive and choosy as Hollywood (the city or the Club?!)-. The lounge atmosphere, low-pitched music and sofas of Quiet Room lead directly to Zen area doors: ethnic environment and Arabic-style mosaic-work give new sound to the music! L’Atlantique moves always with the times: an eclectic and fashionable location, the scheduled appointment with the Real Milanese Night Fun! The Disco-Restaurant (Table: up to 350 services–Buffet: up to 1000 services) offers also a tasteful international cuisine with refined menus, and now proposes daily a Grand Buffet Music Aperitif: the new sense of entertainment lives at L’Atlantique!
BAIA LUNA  Not the usual dinner place or a disco bar. The features of Baia Luna range wide: it is an establishment of nightlife, the meeting point where to enjoy your time from the flowing buffet-aperitif, through the feed dinner to real fun (oriented menus from 35€ on)! As you’re done, see in a minute waiters turning into entertainers, and the room filling up with happy music and fiesta. The Chupitos cart darts among the tables like the Orient Express and buddies start to duel by shots of tequila bum-bum. The floor gets hot and people get wild laughing and dancing like mad all night long! Stylish and freshly refurbished in its look and staff, Baia Luna is the ideal location for hen- and bachelor’s parties. Everything is arranged for your amusement, from A to Z!
BORGO DEL TEMPO PERSO  A surreal dimension, where is professed the ancient pagan cult of the night. This is a living Neverland, where Peter Pan is a DJ, with whose deep music he takes the soul out of the people that magically turn into the children of the fable, lost in a tide of moving bodies. That’s the meaning of Tempo Perso: lost in the night of time, when men were dedicated mumbo-jumbo dances and ritual recreation. Domus of Oblivion, Borgo is a wonder of architecture, within a stylish and striking environment. Each peculiarity is thoroughly cared: furniture, plants, sofas, tapestries give an ethnic touch to the building. Three huge areas (Classic, New Age and Revival) will lead you discovering over 11 different genres as house, disco, revival, lounge, salsa, pop … to satisfy all musical tastes! The VIP lounge is an exclusive area instead: furniture here stands out, luxury and exotic atmosphere reign. Summertime turns the entire club into Karma, the open-air alternative to the usual island of music, colours and fun. Inside the world of Borgo del Tempo Perso, 2 fine restaurants can please your mouth too, with Brazilian or Italian cuisine. Ideal for a romantic dinner, a night with friends, bridging outs, business and dinner parties.
DIVINA  The tradition of this club dip its roots in the 80ies, beloved by the genuine Milanese people. In origin the Big Bang (the original name of this club) was the ballroom where the “mala” hung out and names as Celentano, Cecchetto and DonBachi were well-known. All these precious works are now exhibited in the most valuable museums worldwide. Here was also born the fashion system of Milano: models, VIP, stylists were for the first time on stage ByNight, showing their arts and virtues. One of the peculiarities of this location were the famous pictures (as the Ingres "Great Odalisque", Boucher’s “Blond Odalisqe”, Velasquez "Venus and Cupid", Giorgione “Venus”, Cadauel “birth of Venus”) that adorned its walls. Only a piece of this collection lasts, mosaic-worked behind the black-crystal counter: Courbet "L' origine du monde"... Awesome! White-sober atmosphere, minimal design recalling “Studio 54” style and modern sofas surround the dance floor, up to the prive. A set of wide screens and audio devices is disposed for conferences, show cases, commercials and movie sets and business meetings: a flexible location where to place any kind of event, formal or not. Ideal for parties indeed! Let’s say it’s a multipurpose area that fits easily to every situation. Restaurant and catering services are feed in partnership with the near Shu. The clou of the night parties gives on Fridays, when Divina and Shu merge under a single aim: to make the immortal spirit of Divina live in the name of fashion.
MILANO EVENTS  In this section we’ll advertise all relevant happenings, fashion shows, special activities, non profit events our users will point us out.
GIOIA 69 The trendiest club of the city. It opened its doors in spring 2k4, within a Liberty Villa in Melchiorre Gioia Street, number 69. This Lounge bar gives not the crowded aperitif, but a relaxing one, where to meet new friends or have a good drink in the Summer Garden. It opens from aperitif time till late night to a glossy and adult target (25 to 40)… Conceived to satisfy even the most demanding guests! After dinnertime the DJ comes out with his best selection and the room turns into a small club for VIPs and wannabes. Gioia 69 is one of the most attended by VIPs, football players, actors, etc. and it’s often chose also as a movie scene.
GRAND VISCONTI PALACE It’s the only hotel in Milano that owns a 2500 sqm Winter Garden with park, restaurant and Spas in Porta Romana area, which has always been considered the historical Gate to the city. Art-, music-, food- and fashion shows, soirées and other events can be organized in this area, while business dinners and private meetings can take place in the particular inseam of “V floor” restaurant.
LIMELIGHT  A new name among Milanese clubs, Limelight was born under the lucky star of the well-known Ex Propaganda and C-side. Castelbarco street disco everlasting fame still appeals young people and undergraduates for dedicated night parties.
MYBALI Fresh restyling for the new come in night clubs! MyBali Restaurant/lounge Disco/Dinner reaches different targets of guest and meets everybody’s will of fashion. The opulence of oriental and baroque décor gives it a unique refinement: that’s why this is one of the most popular locations where to place 1st class events (like the one signed Microsoft and Technogym). MyBali designs each situation carefully, on the basis of budget and needs. A hugeMain room with an elegant and long counter, gleams under Golden armchairs and mirrors, and catches the eye with its Red and Pink fabrics. The Restaurant area lies “under” a “real” waterfall, with whose Feng-Shui relaxing attitude really impresses and turns a dinner   into a sense-experience. What else? You just have to discover it!
LIMOUSINE*  Experience a set entrance in clubs, surprise a special guest or celebrate a happening! Our Limos can hold 6-7-8-9! passengers. We arrange AdHoc quotations for parties, bachelor/hen parties, and special events. There are different packages to chose out from, i.e.: SHOT Service is a 1hour journey, with no bar setup and 50km included; it’s perfect for airport/station transfers, in-the-car strip-tease, theme surprises. SET Package for photo shoots, movie sets or street advertising costs 80€ per hour, all expenses excluded. BASIC Package (60€) includes 3 bottles of spirit, soft drinks, snacks and candies; it is possible to add Wines to this selection. For 5 hour or longer services, the Basic package is included. ALL-NIGHT Formula provides an 8 hour hire (departure: within 8PM), the bar setup, champagne included, and a limit of 150 kms. ADVANCE & FREEPAY Formulas These packages provide that -25% and higher rebates are applied for large prepaid orders (partial refunds are subjected to agreement). They include 150 km distance covered per day, while the charge for extra kms will be -20%.
* Limo Hire includes car driver - The minimum hire values 390€, or better a 3 hour service - Hire intends for a maximum of 100 km distance covered, over whose extra 0,50€ per km will be charged. This distance includes the car’s transfers to the garage, as origin and destination of the service (which lies in Milano, S. Siro area). Particular quotations will be set up on demand for 8-9 seats Limos.
OLD FASHION  The Real Fashion never dies! Only a few people know the Story of Old Fashion, and how much life has seeped through these walls!  Built in the 20ies by the futurist Muzio, Palazzo dell’Arte reserved an area to set up a ballroom. Since that time on it ran into different restyling… Under the German heel, this club was called Ballhaus: it has been structured in 2 rooms to divide the restaurant area and the disco. During the 50ies it became "El Trainon", a Benchmark for the Rock Roll generation for over 10 years; then it turns into the legendary “Piper”, where Jimi Hendrix played a concert on June 23rd, 1968. Afterwards, this location turned into an old-styled western saloon under the name of “Wanted Saloon” till 1971, when the name Old Fashion was decided. 1993 transformed the “old” club in the one we know today, overlooking Sempione Park and framed by the high Triportico of Palazzo dell' Arte. Moreover, Old Fashion Café boasts the most envied Garden that houses an awesome Summer-Disco. The nightlife here starts by 9 PM, when the 1st class restaurant service spreads his delicious smells (sometimes also with a Live Music accompaniment), followed by a Rhythmic Bar setup from 11PM. As midnight comes, the music captures all spaces, waving from Hip-Hop and R&B to House and Lounge genres. Every night the coolest people parties here! This year it ran into the umpteenth restyling: a mint design for a clubbing atmosphere, the new Dehor to lodge the restaurant, trendy and stylish details all around; Room 1 sinuous furniture stakes on purple-like colours and comfy seats, while the strong VIP lounge sets on black and golden contrast, design sofas and a larger dance floor: these are the aces of the Club of the year!
SIO CAFÉ’ is the best Disco Bar & Restaurant of Milano-Bicocca, 5 minute far from Corso Como fashion area. SIO knows how to satisfy all its guests, under the beautiful-&-modern sign. Different kinds of music in each (air-conditioned!) area. 2 extra open-aired dance floors and a unique “Jungle” of palms, chiringuitos and choreographies make SIO the coolest place in the hottest summer! This location can hold 800 guests (rising up to 1500 with the summer setting) and holds a car parking. It is an alternative to the standard Club or Pub… A very good restaurant (oriented menus from 35€) completes the profile of this multifaceted structure: it’s ideal for all-age attendance and events, from dinner parties and birthdays to dancing nights… Enjoy “SIO-Style” fiesta!
TOCQUEVILLE  Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the trendiest place of them all? …well, in Corso Como area it’s hard to rate the coolest place… Anyway, Tocqueville is over the top since 1999. This Hall of Mirrors reflects its success on an all-day-long activity: between 11 and 14, the number of 450 seats is set up for lunch. Hi-tech -chic style and strobes are brushed-up night-time, when the music of Joe Martino, Dan and Belcastro DJs fills the rooms up.Dining in Tocqueville Restaurant is a must for the coolest night people! VIPs, actors, models and sportsmen are always on stage here, giving a reason to the strict door-selection. A new restyling has put ethnic styled fabrics, furniture and cushions together with Design.
TORRE BRANCA  Immersed in Sempione Park and near the Triennale building, Torre Branca is a metallic structure, 108.6 mt tall. “Littoria” (that’s the original name) has been built by Gio’ Ponti and inaugurated on the occasion of the Fifth Decor Art Exhibition, on August 10th, 1933. In summer 1997 the new owners Branca Brothers opened it to the public, offering a fantastic sight to citizens and tourists. The lift reaches the top in 90 seconds. A unique point of view, from where to see Milano monuments: Arco Della Pace, Castello Sforzesco, Sempione Park and the Duomo. Ideal for breathtaking events! (private parties, birthday- and romantic dinner).
www.norebe-noparty.com aim is to plan and set up events from A to Z, with strong verve and reliability.
We make a special event, an indelible memory for our customers.
Inauguration, Concert, Fashion show, Special Guest entertainment, Marriage and Anniversary parties in the most peculiar and demanded locations, in Italy and Abroad.
Catering e Gala Dinners: Peculiarity and Accuracy, within valuable locations
Catering is a pleasant pretext to make games out gastronomy. Refined Italian, international and ethnic receipts can take assume the shapes and colours of your plans, performing a creative and exciting setting. Our wide variety of selected locations, will satisfy all tastes and requests with style: from restaurant to club, from disco to castle.
Sport Events: Passion for sports is always a Great Event!
Skilled and efficient partners, with a long-term experience in sport event organization, taking care about the unusual sports. Try us out
Incentives:Charming hotels, dreaming islands, enchanted castles and more over
We provide business outdoor-training, team building ed incentive services. We also hold team Orienteering sessions with compass and maps. A new and unfamiliar environment tickles senses up, interest get people ready to soak every input up. Try out the participants, making them plan their journey by themselves, giving only bare info and maps, to reach unknown destination. Travelling coach minds! Targeted group activities and other team building competitions may strongly get a team up. 
Last but not least, try our Soft Air Program!!
Extra Services:Sight need its part too
We also provide…
Hostess, stewards, interpreters, escort, body guards and checkpoint personnel. / Congress kit, covers,  invitation cards, brochures layout. / WEB design, graphic and operating management in partnership with MERLINWIZARD.
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